A note from Sara

Executive Director Sara Coats shares her excitement for the future of the Coooperative Council of North Carolina.

What is the Cooperative Council of NC?

The Cooperative Council of NC is an association of cooperatives in North Carolina. We provide four main events through the year:

The Annual Co-op Conference is in the first quarter and is a two-day educational event with networking and connecting with representatives from cooperatives across the state.

Cooperative Leadership Camp is week-long overnight camp held each June that gives up to 100 teens the opportunity to experience the cooperative business model and build leadership skills as they work together to form a t-shirt cooperative.  

Cooperative Dynamics is a workshop held at the end of the year to help new cooperative employees understand the principles, governance and economic impact of cooperatives in our state and nation. We also travel the state to provide onsite education for our members and affiliates, and we can present onsite for Annual Meetings, training sessions and events.

Beyond these programs and activities, we have partnered with national cooperatives such as Cabot Creamery Cooperative and NCBA/CLUSA to bring the Co-ops for Community youth patch program to North Carolina for youth education.