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Register Now for 2015 Annual Meeting

Be sure to register for the Council's 80th Annual Meeting, April 8-9, 2015 in Raleigh.  With amazing speakers, a tour, and a Legislative Breakfast, you will definitely want to be part of this year's event.


For details, download the Annual Meeting Registration Packet.  Be sure to make hotel reservations very soon to receive the special group rate.

What's Inside

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Council Legislative Breakfast, April 9


Enjoy the opportunity to visit with legislators at our Legislative Breakfast on Thursday morning, April 9.  Registration for the event can be found here.

Tour the James B. Hunt Library


The Council is excited to offer its members a chance to tour the James B. Hunt Library, a state of the art facility designed to be one of the most technologically sophisticated learning spaces in the world.  Details to register for the tour are found in our 2015 Annual Meeting Packet.

McAnulty Receives Council Scholarship


Congratulations to high school seniors Barbara McAnulty, recipient of the Council's 2015 Cooperative Leadership Scholarship.

Featured News

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  • Agricultural Co-ops Impact Economic Growth

    Co-ops across the country are celebrating October's Co-op Month, and celebrate they should.  This business model, which has existed in the U.S. since Benjamin Franklin started the first co-op in 1752, has proven to be successful, impacting economic growth with more than 48,000 co-ops today..

  • 2014 Co-op Month:

    The Co-op Connection

    Throughout October, millions of co-ops members across the U.S. will observe Co-op Month festivals, contests, open houses and other events.  This year's theme,  The Co-op Connection, celebrates the ways co-ops connect with each other, their communities and their world.


  • Setting the Co-op Standard:  The Seven Cooperative Principles

    The cooperative is a unique business model because it is governed by its members, the people that own it, giving them all a voice in the co-op.  However, what truly makes co-ops special are the seven cooperative principles on which co-ops operate, setting a standard for how these businesses should be conducted.  A co-op is so much more than a "business" and these seven values are the core of their uniqueness and success.



  • McAnulty Receives Council Scholarship

    Barbara McAnulty of Hickory, NC has been selected to receive the 2015 Jim Graham Cooperative Leadership Scholarship, presented annually to a high school senior by the Cooperative Council of North Carolina.





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