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To promote, foster and enhance the effectiveness of Cooperatives
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For over seventy years, the Cooperative Council of North Carolina has provided an effective coordination of educational, public relations, and legislative activities benefiting cooperatives of the State.

The Council's structure, organization, goals, and programs have evolved as members' needs have changed. The staff, in step with the board of directors and other volunteer leadership, has built a strong program designed to fulfill the Council's objectives.

The organization is recognized as the primary voice for cooperatives in North Carolina. Through extensive programs, the sense of "cooperation among cooperatives" has come alive in a tangible way.

Through the Cooperative Council of North Carolina, members are networked with their home-state peers, as well as with the nation's 47,000 other cooperatives. More than 120 million Americans in all 50 states are served by cooperatives. They provide goods and services as economically and efficiently as possible. They are owned and controlled by the members they serve.