CCNC Co-op Conference 
March 13-14, 2023

Location TBD

This two day event includes your meals, speaker sessions, networking, connecting and enjoying the folks the make up our Cooperative Movement in NC. All Cooperative staff and board members are welcome to attend. 

2022 Agenda Resources:

DEI Workshop: Take home tools for your board and staff to start, continue or develop your organizations DEI Policy and Implementation. Facilitated by Emma Hayes of LGFCU and Terry Bell of NC Ag.

Digital Skills Panel: The Broadband Discussion with Q&A with industry experts. Facilitated by Nelle Hotchkiss of NCEMC with the panel of experts including Donna Bullard, Debbie Hamrick, Maggie Woods and Nate Denny.

Cultivating inspiration Among Cooperatives: A Principle 6 (Cooperation among Cooperatives) Workshop with Mike Mercer and Diana Houston.

Guest Speakers: Maurice Smith of LGFCU and Civic FCU, Susan Davis of SH Davis Empowerment Group.

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Meet the 2022 Speakers

We are pleased to share some of our highlighted speakers for the Co-op Conference! 

Donna Bullard, Star Telephone Membership Corp. 

Nate Denny, NC Department of Information Technology

Debbie Hamrick, NC Farm Bureau

Emma Hayes, SECU

Nelle Hotchkiss, NC Electric Cooperatives

Joe Mecca, Coastal Credit Union

Mike Mercer,  COOPR8 Consulting, LLC

Maurice Smith, Civic FCU and LGFCU 

Maggie Woods, Institute for Emerging Issues