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The general membership of the Council is made up of cooperatives from across the state and region.  They include farm credits, credit unions, farm supply, rural electrics, rural telephones, retail co-ops, food co-ops and marketing cooperatives.


Our membership also includes a number of organizations and associations that support the cooperative movement in North Carolina.






Any type of cooperative, organization or association can join the Council, and joining is simple.  Members pay annual dues that are structured by the Board of Directors, and are formulated based on organization size.


WHY JOIN? The Value of Membership focuses on connecting, promoting and educating cooperatives.



Annual Meeting Workshops

Cooperative Leadership Camp

Regional Co-op 101

Cooperative Dynamics Workshop

Volunteer Opportunities



Cooperative Scouting Patch Program

Valued partnerships with all Cooperatives

Social Media Marketing

Newsletters quarterly

Information shared as requested

Workshop presentations as requested

Coop Month Celebration



Annual Meeting Reception

Legislative Breakfast

Volunteer Opportunities

Leadership building opportunities

Regional Co-op 101 hosting

Co-op Month Programs



Interested in joining the Council?  Apply Online now for your organization and get involved in our active cooperative community in North Carolina!



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