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Harry B. Caldwell, 2010

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Harry B. Caldwell with his awardHarry B. Caldwell was born and raised in Ohio, where he attended college and grew up with agricultural roots.  In 1929, he visited North Carolina on assignment for the National Grange to help revitalize the NC State Grange by starting new Granges.  However, while in Greensboro, he fell in love with Margaret Hood and stayed in NC the rest of his life.  Their son, Robert Caldwell, currently serves on the Council’s Board of Directors.


 Mr. Caldwell’s career path in agriculture led him to become one of the most well-known agricultural leaders in our state.  He worked for the National Grange, started and led the    Cooperative Council of NC, and served for many years as the NC State Grange President.  He also served in major leadership positions nationally.  At the request of President John F. Kennedy, Mr. Caldwell accepted appointment as Chairman of the President’s National Agricultural Advisory Commission and served from 1961 to 1965.  He exerted tremendous   influence on the nation’s agricultural policies.


 Mr. Caldwell was one of the biggest advocates for farmers and cooperatives.  He spent much time working with legislators, speaking, and serving on many boards of other organizations.  His passion and hard work led him to receive many awards and honors.  He received the Statesmanship Award from the Cooperative Organizations of the US in 1974 at a special ceremony where former Grange President and Governor Bob Scott paid tribute to Mr. Caldwell.  And in 1981, Harry B. Caldwell was inducted into the NC Agricultural Hall of Fame.


 To sum up the way people felt about Mr. Caldwell, in 1974, President Richard Nixon addressed the Senate floor and said, “I have greater admiration for no man, and I know of no individual more deserving of the gratitude and respect of the agricultural community of North Carolina and the Nation than Harry B. Caldwell.”  Because of his many accomplishments and his incredible influence on the cooperative community and agriculture, it is the Council’s pleasure to honor Mr. Harry B. Caldwell as the first person inducted into the NC Cooperative Hall of Fame.