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Legislative Breakfast at the General Assembly


As always, Networking and Connecting with all Cooperative Industry Staff and Directors!

The Annual Meeting was a great event with lots of shared networking, information and stories! We had fantastic speakers, Doug O'Brien with NCBA for the dinner and Tom Laing of NCEMC for our Lunch.  We learned a lot about where cooperatives are headed and how working with our members the right way can lead to more engaged and loyal members!


To discuss our legislative side, Joe Mecca of Coastal Credit Union moderated a panel including Jay Rouse of the NC Electric Cooperatives, Evelyn Hawthorne of the Carolina's Credit Union League,  and Britton Allan representing the Telephone Cooperatives about how cooperatives see challenges of service and what we can do to share our message with our legislators.  We discovered that really sharing why Cooperatives are different is a great start with many of our newer faces in the General Assembly! We have "What is a Co-op" pocket cards if you needs some sent your way!


During our Legislative Breakfast at the General Assembly, we had members share their stories with our Senators and Representatives. Pictured is Theresa Lee, member of LGFCU, sharing how her Credit Union was there when she needed financial assistance and how they are advocates for her.


The two day event not only brought about some great re-connecting but also meeting new faces and welcoming three new members to the CCNC Board of Directors.  We awarded our Jim Graham Scholar, Ty Randleman, and shared some fantastic meals!  We look forward to driving new relationships throughout the coming months!













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